Zöller Arbor GmbH

Lassallestraße 16

63897 Miltenberg / Germany
Tel. +49 (9371) 7026
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Mail: zoeller-mil@t-online.de


Welcome at Zöller Arbor!

Nowadays, tree moving is an area of expertise of horticulture and landscaping. It requires special know-how, comprehensive experience and productivity.

The first tree spade machine was bought in the year 1974 by the father of the company`s founder. He was a master gardener. Decisive for the success was ideal technnology, expertise and experience in the handling of trees as well as the maintenance over the following year.

By and by further machines were added. In 1997 Bernd Zöller established the company „Zöller Arbor GmbH“. The economic centre of gravity is the moving of large trees.

Call us if you want to move your trees gently!